Sunday, 12 September 2010

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Simple Peg Joints

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Arm rock chair

This is a rocking chair I designed but unlike conventional rocking chairs you use your arms to rock it. Force applied to the armrests pushes the chair backwards.

Designed with the incapacitated in mind it also would be good for people who don't have the use of thier legs.

Main structure is bent and laminated birch veneers, the seat is birch ply.

My Business Card

Laser cut and etched 0.6mm birch ply.

Monday, 16 August 2010

One of my first projects 2006

A two person work station for the eco freindly office.

Sick new chairs by Marco Dessi.

He's sanded throught the layers of Ply to create a representation of real wood grain.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Home Office Furniture Renderings

This is a project I did for a popular high street furniture and home ware retailer. I was asked to explore the uses and situation of home office furniture and come up with a desk and portable storage units.

The desk I designed comes with storage that can be configured to suit users ever changing needs.

Some alternate configurations and finishes:

Starpack Competion Entry for 'Innovative Milk Packaging'

This was my submission for the Innovative milk packaging competition. By taking the handle off a p.e.t. milk container you save on average 25% of material in the manufacturing process. A poly-propylene handle is supplied to customers to be re-used potentially thousands of times. The tips of the two prongs on the injection molded handle are over molded in a thermo-plastic elastomer much like that you would find on the handle of a screw driver, this allows them to grip and hold firmly up to and over the weight of 6 pints of milk.

Friday, 26 March 2010

El Ultimo Grito @ The Aram Gallery

El Ultimo Grito, a couple who are design/architects, they exhibited blown glass architecture models and resin coated cardboard tables.

Kohji talking to James Winter from the RCA, check out his installations that play with light on different angles and surface finishes, inspired by the ever changing city landscapes. James will be exhibiting at the RCA Fine Art exhibition starting this May.

I found this chair on the street! Arts & Craft, 1890-1900

Its oak I guess, with nice exposed dowel joints. I took the cushion off because it was old and manky, I still haven't made my mid up what to replace it with, maybe some William Morris fabric.

John Annett told me that the only good thing u can do with a Canon 18-55 kit lens is take it off, spin it round, hold it against the camera and macro.

You can even buy this attatching piece off ebay: