Monday, 12 September 2011

Laminating Birch Ply wood

Laminating Birch Ply can be fun but is also very frustrating if it doesnt work. My tips :

- Make your former/buck as solid as possible but also consider your clamping points before you

go near glue.

- Cascamite is the glue many people will tell u to use but it doesnt always work. I have had

recent success with two pack wood repair resin (ronseal), the only problem is you have to work

very quickly and I'm not sure about its lonjevity, when dry it is very hard and potentially could

crack and crumble, will keep u posted.

- Over bend to allow for springback, and use more layers. Top bods like Aalto used single

veneers but as we are using ply to save ourselves alot of money try to get 1.5-3mill . 6.5 is possible but it is very strong stuff and you wont

get it to do tight bends.

I hope this helps, good luck with your bending exploits.

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